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Last Update: January 8, 1997

System Administration

* Big Brother monitor multiple Unix systems, network connectivity, disk space, processes, etc
* Clobberd allows ISP's or Linux/Unix operator to regulate their users
* morepkgtools supplemental scripts for Slackware's package tools
* REGULUS management system for Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

Device Drivers

* Eprommer simple tool for programming eproms with the "Quickbyte 2.0" prommer
* Joliet patch for MS spec to allow Unicode names to be written to a CD
* SoftOSS a kernel module which plays MIDI using any inexpensive 16 bit soundcard
* xmp a module player for Linux with GUS or AWE cards

Shell and System Utilities

* Fontprint prints a text file to the printer using standard Linux console and vga fonts
* magnum .plan watcher will notify you via email if someone fingered you
* momond a C++ program that logs the activity of your modem line
* PerfectBACKUP+ UNIX/LINUX backup software
* smbfs mount drives exported by WforW, Lan Manager, NT running tcp/ip
* solo standalone shell and loader for 32-bit microkernels and OS's
* tidylinks search for and tidy dangling and messy symbolic links
* XfModule Xform based prog to list, install and remove kernel modules

System Servers and Daemons

* Boa a fast, lightweight web server for unix-alike computers
* FIDOGATE Fido-Internet Gateway, FTN-FTN Gateway, Mail Processor, File Processor
* InvisibleWeb & Offline Proxy Server allows the to switch proxy server between "online" and "offline mode
* Sybernet cgi damon which holds a http connection to the Sybase SQL server
* WebTune a webserver logfile analysis product for Linux

Desktop and Window Managers and Add-Ons

* Enlightenment window-manager based on original fvwm2 source code
* FvwmScript for Fvwm a module that allows one to build desk accessories
* KDE Desktop Environment a collection of small tools used to build a coherent desktop

File and Disk Managers

* Pash freeware Commander for Linux

Emulators and Simulators

* Multiprocessor Simulator "execution-driven" simulator for Intel cpu's
* WABI 2.2 for Linux run Windows 3.1 Applications on Linux-based workstations
* XZX a Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48/128/+3 emulator for UNIX/X11


* Beagle SQL free client server database management system for Unix
* Kubl RDBMS state of the art client server RDBMS for Unix
* Raima Database Manager++ high-performance relational high-performance database

Word Processors and Doc Prep

* xdvi a previewer for TeX for the X Window System

Science and Math Applications

* P+owerGraph Scientific Data Visualization and Graphical Editing
* tacg/WWWtacg Restriction Enzyme and Transcription Factor analysis and mapping
* Swarm tool for modeling complex systems and doing agent based simulation
* xldlas statistical package based on Xforms lib

Web Browsers and Plug-In's

* Tclet part of a multi-function WYSIWYG layout tool
* NewsWire mini WWW browser that presents information in a ticker-tape manner

Java, WWW Tools and HTML Editors

Castanet for JAVA libraries and altered scripts to enable Castanet to be used with JDK
* WebAdmin allow users to edit their HTML files on-line, without using FTP or TELNET

Mail Programs and Agents

* fetchmail a POP2, POP3, APOP, and IMAP batch mail retrieval/forwarding utility
* mutt small but very powerful curses-based mail client for Unix
* premail transparently encrypts & decrypts email on the fly using PGP

Internet Applications

* cIRCus a new IRC client for Linux/X

Communications Apps

* Newtl allows UNIX system to communicate with Newton using Slurpee

Games and Amusements

* Freeciv a strategy game for X11, similar to Microprose's Civilization/Civnet
* Gravity Wars SVGA game based on Gravity Force, one of the greatest games for the Amiga
* Last Defender a fully configurable defender type game for SVGAlib
* LinCity an X/SVGALIB city/country simulation game for Linux
* Lingvisto X based app that will help you to learn foreign languages
* pileup simulates the pileup tapes heard at Amateur Radio conventions
* snake steer the snake and eat the fruit
* Quake for Linux blood and gore, and lots of it

Graphics and Image Processing Apps

* AOCP an enhanced version of Deluxe Paint IIe for Linux

Multimedia Applications

* MpegTV Player real-time software MPEG Player with audio support for Linux

Music and Audio Apps and CD Players

* Fxvolume a simple, no frills volume control using Xforms
* Multitrack a four-track sound recorder for Linux
* Xcd a compact disc player that runs under X11
* Rose a music notational editing program for Linux

Text Editors

* Xenon a simple, small and fast X-based text editor
* FTE a programmers text editor with color synatx highlighting
* THE a full-screen character mode text editor based on XEDIT

Programming Languages

* Gorby a small, powerful scripting language for linux
* Smalltalk (GNU) version of Smalltalk which runs under Linux
* Squeak Smalltalk-80 which runs under Linux
* Stepstone Objective C compiler from System Essentials Limited for Linux

Development Tools

* BSPlib parallel programming library based on the Bulk Synchronous Parallel (BSP) model
* Dlgedit GUI dialog editor for the Qt widget library
* ForUtil a collection of fortran 77 utilities
* Nana improved assertion checking and logging for GNU C and C++
* Inferno dev kit for a new network operating system and programming environment
* ivtools/ivmaps a C++ framework for constructing custom drawing editors
* PowerRPC tool for multiplatform RPC development
* TkfPW a GUI "Fortran Programmer's Workshop" for Unix/X11
* tkxcd a free diff front end that has a look and feel similar to xcleardiff
* * Visual Tcl Tcl/tk based application development environment for UNIX

Development Libraries

* GGI the Linux General Graphics Interface drivers and libraries
* MAT Matlab Compatible C++ Matrix Class Library for scientific C++ code
* MPI a message passing interface for parallel programming
* SmartFiles library for building object-oriented data files

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