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The Linux Applications and Utilities Page is a collection of commercial, shareware and freeware application and utility programs and servers for Linux with their own WWW home pages. All of the programs listed here either have a Linux native binary available, or have source code available which has been successfully compiled to run under Linux. These programs are all currently available for use, though some may still be beta, or even alpha, releases.

Last updated January 8, 1997. New listings are marked with a [NEW].

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Having a listing here does not necessarily imply an endorsement of the program. It is up to the individual Linux user to determine whether a particular program does or doesn't meet his or her needs. The hope is that by linking to the home pages of these programs, information about a given program can be used to help make that determination.

Submissions are encouraged. If you maintain a program-oriented web page, or simply know of one not listed here, please drop me a line with the URL.

You can email me if you have any comments or questions concerning this list. -Bill Latura (Jan 27, 1996)

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