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[Top] Text Editors

* CRiSP a very Brief-like text editor
* Edith Professional powerful and user-friendly desktop text editing system from ZFC
* Elvis an enhanced clone of vi/ex, the standard Unix editor
* fe (Folding Editor) small, light on resources outline editor
* FTE a programmers text editor with color synatx highlighting [NEW]
* JED Programmer's Editor freely available text editor for Unix,
* MEdit text editor compiled with MGUI for Linux X11.
* NEdit a GUI style plain-text editor for X/Motif systems
* Scriptum platform-independent GUI programmers editor
* SEDIT a Linux port of the SEDIT editor
* SlickEdit configurable programmers editor from MicroEdge
* THE a full-screen character mode text editor based on XEDIT [NEW]
* VIM the "vi improved" editor
* Wily editor which provides much of the feel of Acme in the Unix/X environment
* Xcoral an advanced text editor for X-window
* XEmacs -- Emacs for X it's not an editor, it's a lifestyle
* Xenon a simple, small and fast X-based text editor [NEW]

[Top] Programming Languages

* ACUCOBOL-85 ANSI-85 COBOL compiler from ACUCOBOL
* AS31 Assembler cross assembler for the MCS-51(tm) family
* awk a special-purpose programming language for data reformatting
* BASIC a unix implementation of basic
* BETA System o-o language for procedural and functional programming by Mjolner
* CMU-Lisp for Linux fully featured lisp, with a very good compiler
* Eiffel an advanced object-oriented programming language
* Fortran 90 ISO and ANSI standard Fortran 90 compiler and libraries by NAG
* FPK-PASCAL free 32-bit Pascal compiler mostly compatible with TP7
* g++ the GNU c++ compiler
* gcc the GNU C compiler
* GCC 2.7.1 with Bounds Checking full fine-grained bounds checking using GCC
* GNAT The GNU NYU Ada 9X Translator
* GOMscript an interpreter for an object-oriented, C++-like, language
* Gorby a small, powerful scripting language for linux [NEW]
* Jacob-Oberon-2 Just A Compiler for OBeron for Linux
* Marx a quasi-C interpreter with special extensions to write GUI in X windows
* Modula-2 Gardens Point Modula Users Guide and * Linux release notes
* Modula-3 for Linux very portable implementation of Modula-3
* Network BASIC Visual Basic like clone for use over the net
* Oberon Gardens Point Oberon Users Guide and * Linux release notes
* PERL the Practical Extraction and Reporting language
Python an object-oriented scripting language
* Sather an oo language designed to be simple, efficient, safe, flexible and open
* scotty tcl interpreter supporting TCP, UDP, SNMP, MIB, ICMP and RPC
* Sisal a high performance functional language
* Smalltalk (GNU) version of Smalltalk which runs under Linux [NEW]
* Smalltalk/X for Linux
* Squeak Smalltalk-80 which runs under Linux [NEW]
* S/REXX a port of IBM's REXX language to Linux
* Stepstone Objective C compiler from System Essentials Limited for Linux [NEW]
* Tachyon 390 Cross Assembler develop and maintain 370/390 Assembler programs
* Tcl/tk a scripting language and graphical user interface toolkit
* XBasic 32-bit BASIC compiler and program development environment
* Xi interactive C-like language with vector extensions

[Top] Development Tools

* Amulet a portable user interface development environment for C++
* ANGOSS Smartware PLUS cross-platform application development suite
* Binstats a utility for tracking binary types and dynamic library dependencies
* BSPlib parallel programming library based on the Bulk Synchronous Parallel (BSP) model [NEW]
* CH a language environment designed to be a superset of C
* CodeWizard a comprehensive tool for Code Analysis in C/C++ programs
* Ctags (Exuberant) generates an index file of C objects in C source and headers
* Cxref produces docs (in LaTeX or HTML) including xref from C source code
* Data Display Debugger (DDD) graphical user interface to GDB and DBX
* DIOSS X/Motif app development without X/Motif
* Dlgedit GUI dialog editor for the Qt widget library [NEW]
* DOC++ system for generating HTML and LaTeX documentation for C++ programs
* Dynace object oriented extension to C from Algorithms Corporation
* FELICS licence server for software developers
* ForUtil a collection of fortran 77 utilities [NEW]
* Fresco object-oriented UI development system, and *Linux specific issues
* GenX X-based application development system
* IDEAFIX set of integrated program development tools and utilities
* Inferno dev kit for a new network operating system and programming environment [NEW]
* Insure++ comprehensive tool for error detection in C/C++ programs
* ivtools/ivmaps a C++ framework for constructing custom drawing editors [NEW]
* LCLint a lint-like tool for ANSI C
* Libero a programmer's tool and code generator
* Lint (Thinkage) examines C source code and reports on questionable constructs
* LXB an X/Motif interactive graphical user interface builder
* MrEd GUI development environment using wxWindows within a Scheme implementation
* Nana improved assertion checking and logging for GNU C and C++ [NEW]
* ObjectManual tool to automate generation of HTML documentation from C++ programs
* OpenGL 2D and 3D graphics apps development environment from MetroLink
* OpenGL for Linux from Evans and Sutherland
* Plumber tool used during development to identify memory leaks
* PowerRPC tool for multiplatform RPC development [NEW]
* PRCS Project Revision Control System
* PyXForms a marriage between python and Xforms for GUI app building
* Schemacode Schema based knowledge editor for program implementation
* Snapix interface and application generator which uses X11 and Motif
* SNiFF+ an ide for C, C++, Java, Fortran, CORBA IDL by TakeFive Software
* SNiFF+ for EIFFEL a compiler independent Eiffel programming environment
* STk R4RS Scheme interpreter which can access the Tk graphical package
* TkfPW a GUI "Fortran Programmer's Workshop" for Unix/X11 [NEW]
* tkxcd a free diff front end withs a look and feel similar to xcleardiff [NEW]
TowerEIFFEL oo software development system
* Visual Tcl Tcl/tk based application development environment for UNIX [NEW]
* Willows Toolkitfor UNIX develop and/or deploy Windows API apps cross platform
* Ubiqx Trees binary, AVL height balanced and splay trees
* V a freeware portable C++ GUI framework for Windows and X
* VBIX run Visual Basic(tm) programs on Unix with Motif look
* VCG Visualization of Compiler Graphs reads specification and visualizes graph
* Visualization Toolkit (vtk) software system for 3D Computer graphics and visualization
* WINTERP 2.0 a rapid prototyping environment for GUI-based apps
* wxPython write portable Python programs with a GUI, good for rapid prototyping
* wxWindows toolkit for developing multi-platform, graphical applications
* XForms a GUI toolkit based on Xlib for X Window Systems
* xTech Development System (XDS) portable,featuring Modula-2 and Oberon-2
* Xterminal OO UI with client-server architecture for building text-based apps
* xwb (X Window Workbench) edit source files of any languages or text processors
* xwpe X-based windowed programming environment

[Top] Libraries

* Adaptive Communication Environment (ACE) o-o network programming toolkit in C++
* Bzip a lossless statistical data compressor, uses Burrows-Wheeler
* Charting and Table Widgets INT's table and charting tools, EditTable and ChartObject
* DLD a library package of C functions that performs "dynamic link editing"
* EZWGL Motif-like widgets and OpenGL-like graphics library for X window system
* GGI the Linux General Graphics Interface drivers and libraries [NEW]
* GLE Tubing and Extrusion Library OpenGL based graphics API library
* hfloat library package for calcs with fp numbers of extreme precision
* Karma a general purpose programmers toolkit library
* LAPACK and BLAS for Linux (ELF, g77) FORTRAN library that does linear algebra operations
* LessTif Hungry Programmers' version of OSF/Motif
* Lib3d high performance 3d library for X windows
* LInteger C++ library performs arithmetic on objects representing integers
* LinuxThreads Library an implementation of the Posix 1003.1c thread package for Linux
* LZO data compression library suitable for data de-/compression in real-time
* MAT Matlab Compatible C++ Matrix Class Library for scientific C++ code [NEW]
* Mesa 3-D Graphics Library 3-D graphics library with an API very similar to OpenGL
* MGUI cross-platform GUI library with a designing tool
* MoTeeth 2.0EH (Elf Enhanced) an ELF port of Motif for Linux
* Motif 2.0.0 for Linux commercial Motif libraries from MetroLink
* MPI a message passing interface for parallel programming [NEW]
* ncurses freeware emulation of System V Release 4.0 curses
* neXtaw a N*XTSTEP look replacement library for Xaw (the Athena widget set)
* Object Access re-usable library routines
* POSIX and DCE Threads multithreading libraries based on POSIX.1c
* Qplot C graphics library for drawing color plots, displays the window in X
* Qt high-performance C++ class library provides GUI API across Win95, NT, UNIX/X
Red Hat Motif 2.0 full 0SF/Motif 2.0 development system from Red Hat
* SmartFiles library for building object-oriented data files [NEW]
* SpriteField Class Set library for moving graphics with Qt (C++, X11)
* SPUNK a cross-platform C++ class library for writing textmode applications
* Standard Template Library HP's version of the C++ STL for use with g++
* SWiM OSF/Motif 2.0 from GUI Corporation
* Tix a set of widget extensions for Tcl/Tk
* WM_MOTIF Lite MS Windows API user interface functions on Motif
* Xaw95 Widgets widget library to give a MS-Win95 like interface
* Xaw-Xpm an improved version of Xaw(3d), the standard Athena Widget set.
* XPM Format and Library C library and ASCII image format for X Pixmaps
* XRT Widgets family of widgets for Motif developers
* YACL Yet Another (C++) Class Library
* Ygl emulates SGI's GL routines under X11

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