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[Top] Games and Amusements

* 3-Dimensional Chess 3-D X chess supports two players on one or two displays
* Abuse at Crack dot Com, X based shoot-em-up game
* Across Lite a program for solving crossword puzzles online
* battalion "Monsters, explosions, senseless destruction." What more need be said?
* CGoban an X-based go playable across a network
* Crossfire multiplayer graphical arcade and adventure game for X
* DOOM for Linux Frequently Asked Questions
* Firepower X based tank game playable over the net
* Freeciv a strategy game for X11, similar to Microprose's Civilization/Civnet [NEW]
* Gravity Wars SVGA game based on Gravity Force, one of the greatest games for the Amiga [NEW]
* iMaze a multi player, real time, 3D, labyrinth, run & shoot game
* Inform a free compiler for adventure games, outputs Infocom Z-code
* Ishido a strategy game reminiscent of dominoes
* KDrill program to help people learn kanji and kana
* KOULES multi-player shoot-em-up type game
* Last Defender a fully configurable defender type game for SVGAlib [NEW]
* LinCity an X/SVGALIB city/country simulation game for Linux [NEW]
* Lingvisto X based app that will help you to learn foreign languages [NEW]
* Maelstrom pilot your ship through the dreaded "Maelstrom" asteroid belt
* Mr. Is a version of the Mr. Do game for X
* NetBots control robots over a network in an X-based game
* pileup simulates the pileup tapes heard at Amateur Radio conventions [NEW]
* NetHack single player dungeon sim, and * Qt NetHack NetHack with a Qt interface
* Netrek network based StarTrek type space game for X

* Oonsoo a solitare card game
* OpenCiv a net-aware, X-based clone of Microprose's Civilization
* Pente a five-in-a-row strategy board game
* Phaserchess a Lesstif version of Compute!'s Laserchess
* Quake for Linux blood and gore, and lots of it [NEW]
* Smartass a fortune cookie program
* snake steer the snake and eat the fruit [NEW]
* SpaceBoom a Linux shoot-em up
* Thrust graphical spaceship and cargo game
* TREMINGO a java-based word game playable over the net
* Virtual Combat a multi-player 3d combat game played over the net
* XBattle an two-player X-based wargame played over a network
* XBlockOut an interesting, 3-D twist on tetris for X
* XBoing a version of Breakout for X
* XBomb version of the minesweeper game for X Windows
* Xconq an Empire-type strategy game for X
* Xearth X window background program
* XGalaga Galaxian comes to Linux/X
* XONIX a QIX-like game for X
* XPilot the X11 based multiplayer space combat game
* XSokoban that busy little janitor goes X
* Xsnow X app that lets it snow on the root, in between and on windows
* XTartan an X-window program to draw Scottish tartans

[Top] Graphics and Image Processing

* AC3D a 3D object/scene modeller that can output DIVE
* AERO-Animation Editor for Realistic Object movements sim based on rigid body systems
* Anthony's Icon Library xpm's and xbm's for Linux and X
* AOCP an enhanced version of Deluxe Paint IIe for Linux [NEW]
* BMRT Rendering Tools Blue Moon graphics rendering tools
* bomb an interactive graphics program that uses cellular automata and fractals
* Dive Distributed Interactive Virtual Environment, net-based multi-user VR system
* Giftool add/remove comments, interlace GIF images, batch convert sets of images
* GIMP graphics image manipulation program
* ICAO Map X-based map generation program utilizing "world files"
* ImageMagick an X11 image processing and display package
* Megahedron Multifaceted Rendering, Animation, Simulation, and Virtual Reality Software
* Persistence of Vision Ray Tracer (POV) ray-traced graphics construction
* Pixcon & Anitroll a 3D animation and rendering package
* Sceda Scene Editor/Animator X-based 3-D modeller
* Tgif an Xlib based interactive 2-D drawing tool for X11
* xacte an interactive X window colortable editor
* XaoS a real-time interactive fractal zoomer for X or SVGAlib
* xfpovray graphical interface to the ray tracing program POV-Ray
* XPaint96 a drawing program for X windows
* Xtacy displays bouncing shapes, rotating palettes, fractals and more
* XV ubiquitous graphics util by John Bradley, and the *XV Manual
* XVScan Image Aquisition for Linux

[Top] Multimedia Apps

* HPAS Hyper Media Presentation and Authoring System for HPA and HTML documents
* Internet-Based MPEG A/V Player distributed real-time MPEG video audio player
* MetaCard multimedia authoring tool and GUI development environment for Unix/X11
* MpegTV Player real-time software MPEG Player with audio support for Linux [NEW]
* MovieScreamer Digigami streaming QuickTime(tm) Conversion Tool for web and MM
* XAnim multi-format animation player
* Xmplay X-based MPEG-player and directory browser

[Top] Music and Audio Apps and CD Players

* ALMP AWE32 Linux Module Player
* aumix an audio mixing program for use from the Linux console, command line or scripts
* CaXmix X based mixer that uses the Xforms libraries and widget sets
* Ceres Soundstudio 1.0 a multi-track recorder, mixer and effect module
* Cthugha an oscilloscope "on acid" program for PC sound cards
* ears free code for speech recognition in object-oriented modules
* Emacspeak a speech output subsystem for emacs
* Fxvolume a simple, no frills volume control using Xforms [NEW]
* JAZZ midi sequencer for Linux/X
* MikMod For Linux a cross-platform mod player for Linux
* MiXViews X based digital sound editor and processor
* MMaudio X based audio player supporting .au, .wav, .mpeg and more
* Multitrack a four-track sound recorder for Linux [NEW]
* NSPmod plays MOD, MTM and S3M music files without DSP
* OggSquish general purpose audio compression utility
* QAudio provides for simple but useful sound in the Qt GUI Toolkit
* RealAudio 2.0 listen to audio over the net in real time
* Rose a music notational editing program for Linux [NEW]
* SCCW 1.0 the first CW (Morse Code) program for Linux which uses a soundcard
* SoundStudio enables recording, playback and cut & paste editing of sound files
* Sox a sound file format converter for Unix
* TiMidity a MIDI to WAVE converter that uses GUS-compatible patches
* Xcd a compact disc player that runs under X11 [NEW]
* X-CD-Roast cd writer X-frontend to programs like "cdwrite" and "mkisofs"
* Xfmix xforms based audio mixer for Linux/X11R6
* Xgmod module player with an X interface, requires GUS card and USS/Lite drivers
* XMCD CD Player for the X window system using Motif
* Xmmix an audio mixer utility for the X window system using the Motif GUI
* Xtuner windows front end for the Radio Reveal card
* xwave sound editor for X

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