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[Top] Spreadsheets

* macroCALC a Lotus 1-2-3 compatible character based spreadsheet
* NExS Network Extensible Spreadsheet for UNIX and Linux
* Teapot spreadsheet with functional addressing and 3D tables
* Wingz Spreadsheet a Linux port of the NEXT and Mac spreadsheet
* Xess a powerful, full-featured X based spreadsheet
* XQuad spreadsheet with all features required for scientific and financial calcs

[Top] Database Managers

* Beagle SQL free client server database management system for Unix [NEW]
* C/BASE 4GL application development suite and database engine
* CQL++ SQL Database Management System an ANSI and ODBC compliant dbms
* DBIX multi-user SQL database server
* Empress for Linux Personal Edition single-user Data Management software
* Essentia Data Base Engine database server with Reduced Instruction Set Engine
* FlagShip a superset of Clipper 5.x and Dbase III for Unix
* JustLogic/SQL Database Manager database manager with client/server
* Kubl RDBMS state of the art client server RDBMS for Unix [NEW]
* LEAP a relational database management system
* mSQL (Mini SQL) light weight database engine that supports a subset of the ANSI SQL spec
* Open Client/C a LINUX port of Sybase's Client-Library with System 10 interface
* POSTGRES95 object-relational next-generation database management system
* QDDB database suite that allows you to create relations and manipulate tuples
* Raima Database Manager++ high-performance relational high-performance database [NEW]
* /rdb a relational database toolkit for Unix and Linux from Revolutionary Software
* Recital a multi-user database system based on the PC Xbase language
* SHORE Project a hybrid object-oriented database system
* Solid Server a relational client/server DBMS from Solid Tech.
* SQLkit allows FlagShip compiler programs to communicate with a JustLogic SQL db
* SS-File Database Manager a flat-file database manager program for Linux
* xmbase-grok a simple X/Motif database manager and user interface builder
* YARD a SQL database server implemented according to ANSI X3.135 of 1989/1992

[Top] Word Processors and Document Preparation

* Adobe Acrobat Reader viewer for pdf documents
* Cicero WYSIWYG word processor based on Motif libraries
* Genscript replacement for enscript converts ASCII files to PostScript
* Ghostview / Ghostscript postscript interpreter and viewer
* Information Retrieval and Corpus Linguistics programs and scripts for text-files
* LaTeX a portable typesetting and document preparation system
* LyX a WYSIWYG word-processor front-end for LaTeX
* MiniHelp Help Editor integrated environment for creating hyperlinked help text
* NTeX a TeX distribution for Linux
* Par 1.50 a paragraph reformatter, vaguely similar to fmt, but better
* Qist an integrated SGML document engineering utility for the X Window system
* SciTeXt wordprocessor for UNIX using type 1 fonts and wysiwyg
* SGML Tools text-formatting package based on SGML
* teTeX System a TeX distribution for UNIX systems
* Thot structured document editor, with a WYSIWYG interface under X-Window
* Virtual Paper online-document viewing system for PS and scanned "legacy" docs.
* Xclamation wysiwyg document publishing application
* xdvi a previewer for TeX for the X Window System [NEW]
* xpdf an X viewer for Portable Document Format (PDF or Acrobat) files
* xtem_TeXMenu graphical user interface for Tex/LaTeX
* Xword word processor with multi-format compatability

[Top] Groupware, Office Suites and Personal Productivity Apps

* Addressbook manage your addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses
* Andrew applications suite and messaging system
Applixware for Red Hat Applix word processor, spreadsheet, graphics and mail
* BB Stock Pro stock charting, technical analysis, portfolio management
* Caldera Internet Office Suite Word perfect, NeXS, Z-mail and motif libraries
* Check Book Balancer (CBB) a checkbook balancing program written in Perl/TclX/Tk
* Cliq office suite w/text proc, spreadsheet, personal database and scheduler
* Ical an X based calendar and appointment book
* Independent Insurance Agency software Compuwork vertical market software
* Goldmedal UNIX Office, Groupware & E-Mail
* NetCharge BCSI Electronic Credit Card Processing system
* plan a calendar and schedule planner based on X/Motif
* Star Office word processor, spreadsheet, graphics, more
* Synchronize a real-time calendaring and scheduling application
* TeamRooms integrated groupware solution for Macintosh, Windows, and Unix
* TimeClock time and attendance software from Quality Software Solutions, Inc.
* Xfinans a financial management program

[Top] Scientific and Mathematical Applications

* Astronomical Software on Linux applications for astronomers
* Astronomy (Linux for Astronomy) CD-ROM full of astronomical applications
* ChemApp a programmable thermodynamic calculation interface
* daVinci a user interface for high-quality visualizations of directed graphs
* GRASS Geographic Resources Analysis Support System
* Gnuplot scientific plotting utility
* IDL Research Systems software for data analysis, visualization, development
* Khoros system for image and signal processing and data exploration
* Maple V interactive software for doing symbolic and numeric calculations
* MARC Designer a linear finite element analysis program
* Mathematica for LINUX mathematical analysis and equation solver
* MathSpad editing tool for writing mathematically oriented documents
* MATCOM Matlab to C++ translator and a matrix class library
* MATLAB technical environment for numeric computation and visualization
* MuPAD a general purpose computer algebra system
* nn/xnn neural network development/simulation tool
* Octave a high-level language for numerical computations
* P+owerGraph Scientific Data Visualization and Graphical Editing [NEW]
* ProPHLEX a finite element based toolkit for engineering simulation
* R a LISP-like high-end statistical language
* RLab high level matrix math language similar to matlab
* SatTrack real-time satellite tracking and orbit prediction software
* Scientific Software Under Linux freeware for scientists and engineers
* Scilab high level science and math computation tool
* Shazam a comprehensive program for users of statistical techniques
* Stuttgart Neural Network Simulator a software simulator for neural networks
* Swarm tool for modeling complex systems and doing agent based simulation [NEW]
* tacg/WWWtacg Restriction Enzyme and Transcription Factor analysis and mapping [NEW]
* VARKON-3D a high level development tool for Engineering and CAD apps
* Vis5D system for interactive visualization of large 5-D gridded data sets
* xldlas statistical package based on Xforms lib [NEW]
* XLISP-Stat high-end statistics package for X based on LISP
* Xmgr X-based app for manipulating and graphing external data sets
* Xtoys a set of cellular automata simulators written for Xwindows

[Top] Web Browsers and Plug-In's

* Amaya Web client that acts both as a browser and as an authoring tool
* Arena an HTML 3.0 test-bed browser, not the most user-friendly
* Candle-Web a browser that extends HTML with interactive animations
* Chimera one of the earliest browsers, starting to show its age
* Emacs World Wide Web Browser a browser written entirely in Emacs lisp
* Grail a python and Tk based browser from CNRI
* Lynx Enhanced text-based web browser
* Lynx Users Guide v2.3 text-based, but fast, browser
* MMM WWW browser written in Caml Special Light, using Tcl/Tk
* NCSA Mosaic for X ver. 2.8 a complete rewrite of the classic browser
* NewsWire mini WWW browser that presents information in a ticker-tape manner [NEW]
* Netscape Navigator Version 3.0 for Linux the leading web browser at present
* PhonyNet Commuter browser that doubles as an httpd server over the phone
* Tclet part of a multi-function WYSIWYG layout tool [NEW]
* Tcl Plugin allows delivery of ricx structured graphics and UIs in web pages.
* tkWWW a web browser written in the Tcl/tk language
* Vosaic Netscape Navigator plugin supports real time video over the Internet
* VRweb VRML browser for Linux
* WebRouser browser with MEAPI support allows Web pages to be interactive
* Woven Goods for LINUX a collection of apps for viewing Linux info via WWW

[Top] Java, WWW Tools and HTML Editors

* AppGEN high level 4GL and application generator for producing WWW based apps
* ASHE (xhtml) a simple HTML editor written in C and using Motif
* ASWedit / asWedit HTML and text editor for X Window System and Motif
* Bulldozer a WYSIWYG HTML editor for the X Windows system
Castanet for JAVA libraries and altered scripts to enable Castanet to be used with JDK [NEW]
* Cmm CGI tool for developing CGI applications
* Empress DataWEB build Web-based apps that utilize features of Empress RDBMS
Java Development Kit version 1.0.2 for Linux
* Kaffe a JIT virtual machine to run Java(tm) code
* LaTeX2HTML convert LaTeX documents to HTML
* Mapedit graphical editor for World Wide Web image maps
* Nutmeg portable list management library for Java from Thought
* tkHTML a tcl/tk HTML editor
* VirtuFlex WWW application builder integrates databases, email, fax, telephony
* VWbot Web-traversing robot now available as shareware written in Perl4
* WebAdmin allow users to edit their HTML files on-line, without using FTP or TELNET [NEW]
* webthreads set of CGI scripts that enhances reporting accuracy of WWW servers

[Top] Mail Programs

* Elm ELectronic Mail for Linux and UNIX
* Exmh X based e-mail program
* fetchmail a POP2, POP3, APOP, and IMAP batch mail retrieval/forwarding utility [NEW]
* Ishmail a commercial X based mail program
* MH Message Handler UNIX mail handling agent, foundation of exmh
* ML a mail program for X and IMAP
* mutt small but very powerful curses-based mail client for Unix [NEW]
* Pandora a Web interface for Majordomo for managers of mailing lists
* Pine Information Center - Linux and UNIX mail program (featuring PICO)
* premail transparently encrypts & decrypts email on the fly using PGP [NEW]
* Procmail automatically process mail as received or from a folder
* qmail a secure, reliable, efficient, simple message transfer agent
* Read-Index a plug-in extension to Majordomo
* Sendmail primary UNIX email agent
* SOMA Mailreader mailreader for Linux under X11 based on the XView library
* TkMail v2.0 an X Window Mail Reader using Tcl/tk
* Ultimate Mail Tool e-mail reader developed in Topaz-Inform
* XF-Mail another X based mail program

[Top] Internet Apps

* BitchX ircII Client an extended version of ircII 2.8
* cIRCus a new IRC client for Linux/X [NEW]
* Ethernet Phone real time voice communication over the Internet
* go-ppp calls multiple numbers until connection made and establishes ppp link
* Gnus 5 a newsreader that lives inside Emacs
* HyperNews web-based news reader and poster
* InvisibleWeb automate the downloading of documents from a WWW site
* Knews threaded x-based news reader
* Modemu use your favorite comm program over TELNET connection
* pnews simple system uses suck to pull news from a remote NNTP server
* Qnews X news reader optimized for use over a slip connection
* Ratatosk (TkRat) a mail user agent for X built with Tcl/Tk
* Sirc a programmable IRC client for UNIX written in PERL
* Skim a graphical offline newsreader for Linux
* SLiRP TCP/IP emulator allows dial-ups to act like SLIP/PPP
* SLRN a threaded, colorized NNTP based newsreader for Unix
* The Internet Adapter (TIA) use TCP/IP software with any regular UNIX shell accoun
* TkNet for Linux an X front end to a dial-up SLIP/PPP Internet connection
* Usepkt import usenet news to local fido packets
* xIRC Xforms based IRC client
* xppp graphical interface to IP connection, written with the Motif library
* Zircon an X11 based IRC client
* Ztalk TCP/IP voice communication, and * XZtalk, the X front end

[Top] Communications Apps

* Callback programs to setup a callback-system, where a modem-connect is requested
* Emulus IBM 3270 vector graphics terminal emulation under X Window
* EZ Clone software for programming handheld and mobile amateur radios
* GroupKit free groupware toolkit for developing real-time conferencing apps
* Kermit comm software for file transfer, terminal emulation, script programming
* Linux Mobile-IP supports transparent host mobility across TCP/IP networks
* Lore Linux Omen Reader
* Newtl allows UNIX system to communicate with Newton using Slurpee [NEW]
* Silent Messenger multiuser client/server paging gateway from MessageNet Systems
* Spatch alphanumeric paging software for UNIX
* TNOS TCP/IP for use in an RF environment, primarily Amateur Packet Radio
* WorldVU BBS publically available BBS system, in both ELF and AOUT binaries

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