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[Top] General

* Linux Commercial HOW-TO marketing, ELF, Linux vs. the rest
* Linux Commercial Product Groups listing from the Linux Commercial-HOWTO
* Linux Commercial Software Index commercially available packages
Linux Manual Pages command references
* The Linux Software Map (LSM) Home Page
* Linux Software Map database of available Linux packages
* comp.os.linux.announce home page announcements of new programs
* FAQ apps for the X Window System

[Top] System Administration Tools

* Big Brother monitor multiple Unix systems, network connectivity, disk space, processes, etc [NEW]
* bootpc boot protocol client used to grab ip number and set up DNS nameservers
* Chklogs PERL script to help maintain system logs
* Clobberd allows ISP's or Linux/Unix operator to regulate their users [NEW]
* CVS client/server configuration management system
* DevAlloc emulates the device allocation mechanism that Sun provides in Solaris 2.x
* FTP Daemon from Troll Tech
* Generic NQS batch processing system
* Hifs handy information for sysadmins, a tool for system monitoring
* IPAcct program/kernel extension to do per user ip accounting
* I-NET Ticker Tape client/server system which provides info to remote clients
* InfoMagic Workgroup Server file and printing services to PC and Mac
* ipfwadm utility to administer IP accounting and firewall services
* IRQTUNE a Linux x86 IRQ priority optimizer
* jaZip program for maintaing Zip and/or Jaz drive(s) and disks
* Leafnode a USENET system for small sites
* Linuxconf sophisticated system administration tool
* Majordomo mailing list management package
* Masqd a management utility for a Linux Firewall
* Mazama Packet Filter internet firewall security system
* Mfsm a Motif utility that monitors free space and user filesystem quotas
* morepkgtools supplemental scripts for Slackware's package tools [NEW]
* net-tools collections of programs to control Linux' networking.
* NIST used to synchronize the system's time with a known timeserver
* ProcMeter simple X Windows based performance meter, reading the info from /proc
* REGULUS management system for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) [NEW]
* SAMBA suite to allow clients to access Unix filespace and printers
* SATAN Security Administrator's Tool for Analyzing Networks
* Scotty Tcl extensions for network management applications
* SecureNet PRO a full featured network administration and diagnostic tool
* Sniffit a Linux packet sniffer
* SuperScheduler UNIX job scheduling system
* System Commander manage multiple operating systems on one PC
* Tkined a network drawing editor running on top of the Tcl/Tk toolkit
* traf a network traffic monitor program suitable for ethernets
* XLoadTime /proc based load meter that also shows current time
* XUser create, modify and delete user-info from an interactive X shell

[Top] Device Drivers

* 3Com 3c59* Vortex Ethercards drivers for various kernel revs
* AdvanSys Linux Driver Linux driver for AdvanSys SCSI adapters
* Advantech Card Driver driver for Advantech laboratory measurement card PCL-812PG.
* BubbleTools Printer Drivers set of printer drivers which make graphic files printable
* BusLogic adapter drivers drivers for Mylex SCSI adapters
* Eprommer simple tool for programming eproms with the "Quickbyte 2.0" prommer [NEW]
* ftape program that controls tape drives that connect to a floppy controller
* Hayes ESP enhanced mode drivers for the Hayes ESP card
* Iomega Zip Driver Linux driver for parallel port Iomega Zip Drive
* Iomega JazTool driver supports software ejection and hardware read/write protection
* Joliet patch for MS spec to allow Unicode names to be written to a CD [NEW]
* Linux/AWE32! driver for Soundblaster AWE32
* Linux Driver Development Kit (LDDK) write character device drivers with minimal fuss
* Linux Ultra Sound Project low level drivers for the Gravis Ultrasound card
* Matrox Meteor FrameGrabber Driver v1.4 driver the the Matrox Meteor PCI frame grabber
* MuTech MV-1000 Linux Devicedriver for the MuTech MV1000 frame-grabber
* pcd Panasonic/Creative/Matsushita CR-56x driver for Linux
* QuickCam Drivers third-party Linux drivers for the Connectix QuickCam
* SoftOSS a kernel module which plays MIDI using any inexpensive 16 bit soundcard [NEW]
* SyQuest EZ drives driver for the parallel SyQuest EZ135 and EZFlyer 230 drives
* Tulip driver ethernet driver for cards using the DEC 21x4x chip family
* UNIX Sound System/Lite sound card driver set that provides uniform API for major UNIX's
* Western Digital/Future Domain FASST SCSI host adapter driver SCSI driver
* xmp a module player for Linux with GUS or AWE cards [NEW]
* xscan/pnmscan software for MUSTEK Paragon 600/1200 SCSI flatbed scanners

[Top] System Servers

Apache HTTP Server a public domain HTTP server for UNIX and Linux
* Boa a fast, lightweight web server for unix-alike computers [NEW]
* Chat Server continuous stream, real-time, mm-capable, comm server from Magma
* DHCP Server Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Server from ISC
* FIDOGATE Fido-Internet Gateway, FTN-FTN Gateway, Mail Processor, File Processor [NEW]
* InvisibleWeb & Offline Proxy Server allows the to switch proxy server between "online" and "offline mode [NEW]
* NcFTPd File Transfer Protocol server designed for high-traffic sites.
* NCSA httpd Server web server from the developers of Mosaic
* Real-Time Linux a Linux kernel with hard real-time tasks
* Roxen a modularised, object oriented World Wide Web server
* Streamworks Xing's live and on-demand Audio/Video server
* Stronghold commercial version of Apache web-server which uses SSL
* Sybernet cgi damon which holds a http connection to the Sybase SQL server [NEW]
* TEAMate Web/BBS Servers software to set up and run a complete on-line service
* Time Server (xntp) NetworkTime Protocol and related clock synchronization products
* WebFilter patch to Cern httpd which allows httpd to act as filtering proxy
* WebTune a webserver logfile analysis product for Linux [NEW]
* WN Server http server designed for security and flexibility
* W3C (CERN) httpd web server from the World Wide Web Consortium (CERN)
* XS-HTTPD 2.3 very small and fast UNIX WWW server
* The Zeus Server full-featured commercial grade http server

[Top] X Servers and Window Systems

* Accelerated-X a commercial X server from X Inside
* Metro-X Metro Link's commercial X servers
* MGR Window System Manager graphical window system, an X alternative
* W96 a simple, socket based, two-color window system as opposed to X
* XFree86 the freely available X Window server for PC based UNIX's

[Top] Shell and System Utilities

* Bru Backup and Restore Utility
* Diald daemon that does demand dialing for PPP and SLIP
* Dotfile Generator tool to help the end user configure programs like fvwm
* E2fsprogs ext2 filesystem utilities
* Flpr Perl script automates `dvips', `up', `psselect', `a2ps', etc.
* Fontprint prints a text file to the printer using standard Linux console and vga fonts [NEW]
* HFS for Linux Apple Macintosh Hierarchical File System
* HFS Utilities for UNIX manipulate Mac HFS volumes from UNIX systems
* HylaFAX send and receive faxes under UNIX and Linux
* Info-ZIP free multiplatform unzip compatible with PKWare's zip products
* KBACKUP backup UNIX systems to tape, floppy or file
* Latch by Craftworks. a secure remote access program
* Lc functions like ls, but lists files according to their type
* Loadable Modules module support utilities and docs
* Lone-Tar tape backup software from Lone Star
* lsh a small DOS-like shell for UNIX
* magnum .plan watcher will notify you via email if someone fingered you [NEW]
* momond a C++ program that logs the activity of your modem line [NEW]
* Netatalk for Linux let your Unix box look like an Appletalk server on a LAN
* NTFS for Linux MS Windows-NT file system for Linux
* PerfectBACKUP+ UNIX/LINUX backup software [NEW]
* ppr a print spooler for PostScript printers
* rexec command calls the rexec(3) subroutine to act as remote execution client
RPM package management tool from Red Hat Software
* SigEd a shell script written in zsh allows appending sig file, PGP and more
* smbfs mount drives exported by WforW, Lan Manager, NT running tcp/ip [NEW]
* solo standalone shell and loader for 32-bit microkernels and OS's [NEW]
* ssh (Secure Shell) remote shell with strong authentification
* SVGATextMode an SVGA textmode manipulation/enhancement tool
* Tcsh Cornell 6.05.00 reference for the tcsh shell
* tidylinks search for and tidy dangling and messy symbolic links [NEW]
* TimeTracker an X-windows timekeeper
* type1inst a perl program for installing Type1 fonts for GS or X
* UUdeview uuencoder and decoder for MIME, Base64 and xxencode
* VFAT for Linux a Linux filesystem compatible with Win 95 and NT long filenames
* widtools widget tools for shell scripts
* XBanner draw text with graphics onto the X root-window before XDM
* XfModule Xform based prog to list, install and remove kernel modules [NEW]
* Xmcpustate version of xcpustate tool that has a Motif interface added to it
* xmotd a message-of-the-day browser for X and dumb terminals
* xtoolwait utility notably decreases the startup time of your X sessions
* YACC (Thinkage YAY) Yet Another YACC, software to parse text input
* Z Shell the ultimate Bourne-type shell

[Top] Desktop & Window Managers and Add-Ons

* AfterStep continuation of the Bowman window manager
* amiwm an X window manager that looks and feels like an Amiga Workbench
* Bowman NEXTStep-like window manager based on fvwm
* Caldera Network Desktop 1.0 desktop, network and application suite
* CDE for Linux X-Inside's Common Desktop Environment for Linux
* Enlightenment window-manager based on original fvwm2 source code [NEW]
* eXode an enhanced X Open desktop for Linux
* Freedom Desktop for Motif GUI desktop manager with *Linux version
* funmenu & funexec Motif-based menu and taskbar utilities
* FVWM Homepage the official homepage of fvwm
* FVWM HomePage the standard Linux X Window manager
* Fvwm Configuration Options have fvwm your way
* FVWM-95 a Windows95-like variation on fvwm2
* FvwmScript for Fvwm a module that allows one to build desk accessories [NEW]
* GWM the X11 Generic Window Manager
* KDE Desktop Environment a collection of small tools used to build a coherent desktop [NEW]
* OffiX tools that communicate using drag and drop (filemanager, editor, trash, print)
* tkgoodstuff an X program and resource manager written in Tcl/tk
* wm2 a window manager for X with limited configurability for the minimalist
* Xmtoolbar a button bar utility for X Window managers

[Top] File and Disk Utilities

* DISAM96 multi-key B+TREE indexed file manager, conforms to the C-ISAM standard
* FileRunner file manager for Unix/X11 created for simplicity, speed and elegance
* Glimpse indexing and query system for searches across entire file systems
* GNU Interactive Tools file system browser, ascii/hex file viewer, and more
* LLNL XDir X-based network file manager with FTP
* Midnight Commander a Linux Norton Commander with tar and ftp file manipulation
* Midnight Commander User's Guide put MC through its paces
* Moxfm a Motif based graphical file and app manager
* NetZIP Server look in ZIP file across network by Software Builders
* Pash freeware Commander for Linux [NEW]
* TkDesk graphical file manager for Unix and the X Window System
* UNIX Cockpit Unix/X-Windows file manager
* X-Files a graphical file management program written in Tcl/Tk *(alternate site)

[Top] Emulators and Simulators

* BSVC a microprocessor simulation framework (Motorola 68000 & HECTOR 1600)
* DOSEMU the Linux DOS emulator
* Euphoric an Oric emulator/simulator for Linux
* Executor a commercial Macintosh emulator by ARDI
* HP48 emulation of the HP-48 calculator
* Multiprocessor Simulator "execution-driven" simulator for Intel cpu's [NEW]
* NTRIGUE display MS-Windows apps on an X-Window screen
* Stella 96 an Atari 2600 emulator
* STonX an Atari ST emulator for X11
* U.A.E. a UNIX Amiga emulator
* Virtual 2600 an Atari 2600 (!) emulator
* Virtual Gameboy Emulator Linux emulator of Nintendo game machine
* WABI 2.2 for Linux run Windows 3.1 Applications on Linux-based workstations [NEW]
* WINE an alpha level Windows emulator
* XZX a Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48/128/+3 emulator for UNIX/X11 [NEW]
* xz80 a Sinclair ZX Spectrum emulator

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