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Linux Newsgroups

A number of newsgroups exist for discussion of various Linux related topics - from installing and configuring a Linux system, to writing applications for Linux, to discussing how Linux can be improved, to major announcements.

For the discussion of the benefits of Linux compared to other operating systems.

For the posting of announcements of general interest to the Linux community.

For the posting Linux FAQs, How-To's, READMEs and other documents that answer questions about Linux. This will help keep the traffic down in other c.o.l.* groups.

For questions and discussion regarding the writing of applications for Linux and the porting of applications to Linux.

For questions and discussion regarding the development of the Linux operating system proper: kernel, device drivers, loadable modules.

For questions and discussion specific to a particular piece of hardware, e.g., "can this system run Linux?", "how do I use this disk drive with Linux?", etc.

For questions and discussion relating to Linux but not covered by a more specific Linux newsgroup.

For questions and discussion relating to networking or communications including Ethernet boards, serial communications, SLIP, etc.

For questions and discussion relating to Linux installation and system administration.

For questions and discussion relating to X Window System, version 11, compatible software including servers, clients, libraries, and fonts, running under Linux. XFree86 issues not unique to Linux will be directed to

linux.* news hierarchy
The linux.* news hierarchy is a set of gated mailing lists relevant to the Linux user community. They are typically very narrow in topic, and some, especially in the* and linux.act.* subhierarchies, are intended primarily for developers and alpha/beta-testers. Please read the intro on this newsgroup before posting to it.

Linux Newsgroup Archives

Archives of the newsgroup comp.os.linux.announce are available by *ftp.

Related Newsgroups

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The X-Windows System-related newsgroups

Networking-related newsgroups

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